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about sexuality
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Do you like to write or would you like to
become a better writer?
Good writing skills can lead to good
career opportunities
go to -

Teens get active! It's your world now!

Do you feel picked on?Are your rights
being violated? Would you like to do
something about it?

What about your right to factual
information on sexuality?
advocates for youth

Find something you enjoy reading and
When you read about something you
are interested in your reading
comprehension improves.
You can learn so much by reading and
the more you read the better reader you


Do you have a research project? Do you
need to look something up? Write a
paper? The link below can really help
but there is a fee from $19.95 a month
to $99.95 per year ($8.37/month). Not
sure this would be worth it? Go to the
website below and take the in depth
tutorial. This is an amazing resource!

Are you curious? Need info for science
or physics class?

How is your reading comprehension? A
good vocabulary is necessary for good
reading comprehension. If you are
planning on college you will need to get
a good score on the SAT reading
comprehension and writing sections.
Try this unique, fun studyguide.
Vocabulary studyguide on DVD

Okay so you don't ask but
do you know the answers?
Take the test see if you are
really a sexpert
Preparing for the future
career information

Need help with picking a career?
Below is a website with lots of career
information to help you learn about
what's out there.

The website below offers a free
Motivational Assessment of Personal
Potential (MAPP) analysis to help you
find the job that is right for you.

Links to more information for teens

Want to take college courses? You can
purchase DVD's, VHS and transcripts
of courses taught by some of the best
professors at the best colleges
The Teaching Company
Websites you really need to see!

How Pregnancy Happens
This is really cool!
Sure you think you know how pregnancy
happens, you knew that way back in 5th
grade. But until you check this out there will
be significant  gaps in your knowledge

Emergency Contraception
See an animated informative video about
preventing pregnancy after
unprotected sex

info on sexuality and you can get answers to
your own personal questions

Go Ask Alice
This is Columbia University's site for young
people. They cover EVERYTHING!

What is going on down there?
Do you really know yourself? Check out the
link below to be sure.
Note to parents
The information and website links on
this website provide scientifically
correct information that sexuality
education experts recommend that
teens know.
However some parental control
settings may block some links