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If you are considering installing solar hot water or solar electric systems or if you would just
like to know the basics of solar power these videos provide an easy to understand learning

This DVD includes video clips that provide basic and some technical details on solar hot water
systems and photovoltaic (PV) systems which means producing electricity from energy from
the sun.

The information in these clips comes from experts licensed to install solar PV.

List of chapters on the Solar DVD

Solar Hot Water Passive System 8:45
This video explains how a progressive tube passive system works and shows professional
installation of systems

Solar Hot Water Active System 11:38
This video explains how an active solar hot water system works and shows professional  
installation of a system

Solar PV (electricity from solar) 8:45
This video gives a brief explanation of how a solar PV system provides electricity and
shows professional installation on roof and ground mounted

3 Module Types 13:50
This clip shows the 3 most common types of solar modules, mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline
and thin film (amorphous). Although we are not recommending any specific brand of module
there is some detailed info from SolarWorld on how their modules are manufactured to
improve efficiency. There is also video and description of a thin film installation.

3 New Module Types 4:06
This video explains and shows the Enphase micro inverter modules (each module has its own
inverter) and the Sanyo HIT bifacial modules that can use direct and reflected solar energy
and the attractive solar roof shingles/tiles from Eagle Roofing and SunTech Power.
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