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"Morning After Pill"
Morning After Pill (Emergency Contraception )
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Emergency contraception is a term used to mean preventing
pregnancy after unprotected sex and BEFORE pregnancy occurs. Most
often emergency contraception means taking pills to prevent ovulation.
However inserting an IUD (intrauterine device) after unprotected sex
can also prevent a pregnancy from occurring.  

Some brands of the regular daily birth control pill can be used as
emergency contraception. Depending on the brand from 5 to 20 regular
daily birth control pills taken in 2 doses can prevent pregnancy.

Plan B is a brand of emergency contraception that requires taking only
2 pills and is less likely to cause nausea than taking a high dose of the
daily pill.
Both Plan B and regular birth control pills prevent pregnancy by
preventing ovulation, that is by preventing an egg from being released.

A female generally ovulates once a month. She can not get pregnant if
she does not ovulate. Ovulation means an egg leaves the ovary and
travels down the fallopian tube where sperm may be present if she has
had sexual intercourse.

Sperm may live inside the female for up to a week after intercourse. So
in order to prevent pregnancy it is important to prevent an egg from
being released while sperm are present. Sometimes taking
emergency contraception as long as 5 days after unprotected sex can
prevent pregnancy, but it is more likely to work if taken as soon as
possible after unprotected sex. Therefore it is sometimes referred to as
the "Morning After Pill".

A fertilized egg can only develop into a pregnancy if it attaches to the
lining of the uterus. The lining must be in the right condition for the
fertilized egg to attach. The hormones in the daily birth control pills and
Plan B generally keep the uterine lining thin and unsuitable for an egg,
if it does get fertilized by a sperm, to attach and implant. A fertilized egg
must attach to the uterus for a pregnancy to occur.

Emergency contraception is extremely safe. If a female is already
pregnant and takes emergency contraception it will not harm the
pregnancy and it will NOT cause an abortion.

Emergency contraception is about 80% effective if taken within 72

Taking daily birth control pills or using any of the hormone methods
such as
the patch, the NuvaRing or Depo-provera are more effective.
Even using condoms correctly is more effective.

Emergency contraception is for emergencies. It is better to prevent
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