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This video contains science based, factual information on
puberty, sexuality, and reproductive health presented in a
somewhat humorous manner using animation and
cartoon characters.
Parents and educators may purchase this video to provide
healthy sexuality education for youth.

Information covered in this clip  includes
sexual anatomy, the reproductive parts of males and
females(ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, penis,
testicles, scrotum, prostate gland, cowpers gland, etc). It
also provides information on ovulation,fertilization,
erections, ejaculation, and circumcision.

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Contains information on puberty, reproductive anatomy (ovaries, fallopian tubes,
uterus, vagina, penis, testicles, scrotum, prostate and cowpers gland, etc) Also info
on ovulation, fertilization, erections, ejaculation, and circumcision
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This video clip provides  information on
masturbation and wet dreams (they are normal and
healthy) and sexual feelings. It covers some of the
common myths that teens often are confused
about such as: Urinating and douching after sex do
not prevent pregnancy. Sex play can cause
pregnancy - she can get pregnant even without
actually having intercourse. Pre-cum may contain
sperm. Pulling-out is risky.

Although there are some fairly reliable methods of
preventing pregnancy only abstaining from all
types of intercourse and sex play that exchanges
body fluids is completely safe from pregnancy or
This video clip provides information on masturbation, and wet dreams. It dispels
some common myths about pregnancy prevention (urinating after sex and douching
do not prevent pregnancy) . It provides information on pre-cum and risks of sex play
that exchanges body fluids, and the risk of using pulling-out before ejaculation as a
means of pregnancy prevention.
Some Links for More Information
on Sexuality Education
sex ed statistics and more
Suggestions for providing sex ed for your kids
Extensive research shows that comprehensive sexuality education helps
youth to make safer decisions about sexuality (see links on left). Parents
who are open about discussing sexuality with their children can have a
powerful influence on helping their children to make decisions about
sexuality based on their values. This video is an excellent way to get
discussions on sexuality started

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The Anatomy Video is 23 minutes long and includes the above clips and
a lot more on anatomy, reproduction and sexuality.

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The video is designed to help educate youth about the sexual parts of
their bodies. It provides answers to questions kids are very concerned
about but are often too embarrassed to ask.
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